Head barely above water

Hello again world,

I’m most grateful to be upright and functioning today.

Wednesdays at work are my longest and most difficult days. I work 12+ hours and play about 4 different roles throughout the day. It’s also my most difficult day to keep on my food plan and focused on my recovery. Generally when I plan well, bring all my food needed for the day, I can get by. On days like today, where I didn’t plan or prep food in advance, it’s a whole different story. I chose not to eat all day as opposed to eating “crap” food. Which is worse? I’m sure there’s data to say one or the other. In my life, choosing not to eat is as bad for my body as choosing (or unconsciously) binging. I need food to fuel my body and mind.

I’ve set my alarm about 15 minutes early for the morning to ensure I have plenty of time to throw together my food for lunch and dinner (Thursdays are another long day! Different reason – different post) 🙂 I’ve planned all of my meals, including my snack for tomorrow. I plan on sticking to it. The best way I know how to do that is to plan, plan, plan!!

I struggled with huge feelings of anxiety today. Anxiety around things that are totally and completely beyond my control. I’ve done a lot of “work” (read: therapy) around this and continue to struggle on almost a daily basis. It is mostly around work and am in the process of making things easier for myself.

Plans for tomorrow:
– stick to food plan as it’s written
– go for 15 minute walk on break
– go to the Y on my lunch and straighten out membership

I have tomorrow to get through and then have a 4-day weekend! I’m super excited about it!

Until next time,




May 25, 2011. Uncategorized.

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