Made it to Thursday!

Hello friends,

Here we are – made it through another day! Today i’m grateful for lovely friends who help me laugh, see things about myself that may need changing, and are unconditionally around.

I will recap my goals I listed yesterday:

– Stick to food plan as written: Made it through my afternoon snack. I even made it through dinner….until dessert came. Today is my mom’s birthday and I ate a piece of celebratory cake. I knew I shouldn’t have and I decided to anyway. What’s important to me is being honest about it. And, of course, trying again tomorrow!

– 15 minute walk : success!! I brought my walking shoes to work, a pair of socks and went! Woo hoo!

– Y membership : I did not accomplish this. No excuses. I didn’t do it. Anxiety got in my way.

I am off for the next four days. This is both a blessing and a challenge. The structure of the work day won’t be there which makes things a tad difficult. I do have the luxury of sleeping in, slowly waking up and making my meals.

It was quite an interesting experience bringing my own food to my mom’s birthday celebration! My family isn’t an easy place for me to be “different”. When someone doesn’t follow status quo, it gets noticed. There are often comments and questions. It makes it challenging. I also know it’s not going to be easy to walk down this road. There will be questions, comments and talk.

In other news: I weighed in today. As my starting weight. I’m about 15 pounds under what I was at my highest and about 15 pounds more than I was back in December. I will weigh in weekly and post my progress.

Tomorrow I will spend some time with my niece. I’m excited to get to see her and spend time alone with her! She’s such a lovely girl!

My plans/goals for tomorrow:
– Stick to food plan EXACTLY as written. No additions & no subtractions
– Take 15 minute walk
– Go to Y & straighten out membership

I am looking forward to a break from work. I plan on making the most of my weekend and enjoying myself – I am reminded it’s a process. A process full of learning!

Until next time,


My inspiration đŸ™‚



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