Running? A 5k? Maybe!

Hello friends,

Today i’m thankful for having such a lovely place to call home and the world’s best housemate a girl could ask for.

Recap of goals:

Food – wasn’t successful today. I woke up super late, didn’t eat breakfast…didn’t eat lunch until late and snacked through dinner. Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow I will try harder.

Workout at Y – I made it! I walked for 10 minutes on treadmill to warm up  and spent 15 minutes on elliptical machine.

Blog – I spent a little time on here poking around trying to figure it out. I definitely need to spend a little more time.

 So i’ve signed up to do something that might be a little crazy. It’s a program called 5K in 100 days. It’s learning to run 3.1 miles (5K) in 100 days! Holy cow! I am signed up and ready to go! It is training 3 times a week through 100 days of interval training. I am quite nervous and excited and scared and very curious to see how it all goes! I will keep everyone posted on how my progress goes.

I am planning on going out with my sister for a drink tonight. I will be limiting myself to one drink and no “bar food”. I’ve already eaten enough food for the day ( and then some!)

Goals for Sunday:

– Food on track! Eating ONLY food on my plan, recording everything.

– Get to Y and get a workout in

– Plan food for next week and create shopping list.

Until next time,



May 28, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Brad Gansberg replied:

    Run a 5K, no maybe about it. If you show up for the 100 days, you will be a 5K runner. Just hang in there, and reach out to me if things get hard. I will help you thru it.


  2. Holding steady « Long road to healthy Sarah replied:

    […] working on my #5kin100days training. I had a fabulous first run then got sick. I’m back to feeling well again and completed my second run. It felt amazing. […]

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