Motivation – what’s yours?

Hello friends,

Today I’m grateful for impromptu family visits.

I did fairly well on my food today. I did eat a piece of candy that I wasn’t scheduled to eat.

I made it to the Y and did 10 minute warm up on the treadmill and 15 minutes on the elliptical.

Today I spent time with my sis and my 8 year old niece. We ate dinner together. My niece said “mommy – sometimes older kids at school say I’m fat”. That about broke my heart. My niece is a tad over a healthy weight. My sister is also working on healthy habits at home including food and exercise. In the mean time, my precious niece is experiencing the exact thing I’ve NEVER wanted her to experience. I’ve been overweight since I was her age. I remember being teased and ridiculed for my weight since I started school. I recall how cruel and hateful kids can be towards someone who is deemed “different”.

We spoke about how some people don’t tolerate people who look different, including size, shape, hair color, skin color, how their voice sounds, etc. She said “maybe we can stop eating candy for a month”. My sister agreed they’ll stop eating candy for a month!

This conversation was really difficult for me. I don’t want her to go through life and experience the struggles I’ve been through because of my weight. I want her to have a healthy start, middle and end to her life.

I know what I’m able to do to influence her is showing good examples of healthy food choices, healthy lifestyle choices and encouraging her to explore healthy things too. I can’t control the way other people treat her, I also can’t control her habits all the time.

She again reminded me tonight of why I’m on this road. I’m on the road because she needs a healthy role model. She I need to give myself the pleasure of having a life where I’m comfortable and as healthy as I can be.

What is your motivation?

Until next time,



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