Fear and insecurtities

Hi friends,

Today i’m grateful for the simple joy of sitting on the back patio with my lap top, my water and just listening to the birds.

I have been thinking a lot about fear the past week or so. Fear is such a tricky thing in my life (i’m assuming other people’s lives too, but I can only speak to mine!). Fear stops me from doing many activities that I want to do. It’s been fascinating how quickly fear will stop me dead in my tracks. Over the past week, i’ve jotted down a few things fear has gotten in the way of. I noted throughout the week, it was often related to fear of being judged, criticized or made fun of that kept me from doing certain tasks. An example i’ll share with you: I was heading out to do a run for my #5kin100days training and was on the interval training portion of my workout. I began jogging and about 15 seconds into my interval I saw someone ahead of me on the path. I stopped dead in my tracks. I was so fearful this person would see me running (or trying to) and make a comment. I tweeted a question about insecurities while running and got a few responses that were helpful. One of them mentioned that MOST other people out there running/jogging/walking/whatever aren’t really going to be paying attention to the other people. They’ll be in their own zone doing their own thing. I know that intellectually I get that and know that to be mostly true AND there’s still this debilitating fear that someone will make a comment, and I feel vulnerable to that.

Another instance was going to a movie with my friend: She is around the same size as me. I was really fearful someone would make a comment about us being fat, or whatever. I would be so embarrassed if someone did. I almost cancelled going to a movie and hanging out with a friend who I really enjoy because of this fear.

I wish it weren’t so easy to get caught up in fear. I don’t want my fear and insecurities to direct my life and in so many ways they do.

  • How do you handle your fears or insecurities?


In other news: I have stayed on my plan this week! No binges since the scary one earlier this week! I moved my shopping day to tomorrow as plans and other things go in the way today. I was able to plan other day of food with the groceries I had at the house. I look forward to being on track!

I’m off to cook dinner!

Until next time,



June 18, 2011. Uncategorized.

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